Mission & History

The center piece of Fayette Resources, Inc., is the NADD accredited residential program.Consumers with developmental disabilities and/or mental health conditions live in homes with others who have similar interests and abilities, under the care of specialty trained support staff. These homes are often referred to as Community Living.

The Fayette Resources Mission

Our Mission at Fayette Resources is to support people with disabilities in the community by providing the highest quality individualized services, which promote independence, choice, growth, acceptance and respect.

Our Resourcefulness Has Fueled Dramatic Growth

Established in 1991, Fayette Resources, Inc. serves adults and children with disabilities using a wide variety of carefully constructed, person-centered services. As a well-respected provider, Fayette Resources’ programming includes:

Innovative Residential Services

Adult Training

Behavior Management

Individual Program Planning Consultation

Training for Professional / Support Staff and Families

Employment Training and Technical Assistance

Our Methodology Works

As a testament to our success, many of Fayette Resources’ ideas and practices have been adopted by similar agencies in other regions of the Commonwealth.

Fayette Resources’ many services are provided in a variety of community settings, as needs dictate, including home, school, day programs, volunteer and workplaces. Since its inception, Fayette Resources has experienced consistent and dramatic growth as a result of our success in the community at large. This growth is reflected not only in the breadth of our services, but in the increasing size of the company and our geographic service area.

Quite purposefully, we have designed a rigorous training program to minimize staff turnover and maximize the continuity and quality of care that Fayette Resources provides. As part of our mission to be a provider of the highest quality services available, we make a commitment to provide staff training that consistently represents the most current research, philosophy, and best practices. As a result, our professional and direct care staff make a commitment to the people we serve and to our agency in the form of quality care and professional effort. This commitment is also reflected in their allegiance to the agency and longevity on the job.

At Fayette Resources, everyone realizes that when a team approach is used consistently, great things can happen. Management and staff have been able to develop strong working relationships with personnel from thirteen counties and joinders throughout western and central Pennsylvania. Our Individual Program Planning and assessment process has encouraged and supported the team concept in providing unified services to persons in the MH/MR systems.

While focusing on integrating these services, we believe the heart of our success to be our willingness to embrace change. Knowing that the price of progress is often found in the challenges inherent in change, Fayette Resources wholeheartedly accepts its responsibility as change agent to be the surest means of guaranteeing a fulfilling life for everyone that we support.

As dedicated facilitators who recognize the importance of mutual respect, it is our distinct privilege to make a difference in the lives of the people that we support, not the other way around. Most telling, we view every person that we support as a member of his or her own community, not as an extension of Fayette Resources.

Currently, Fayette Resources serves people with disabilities from Fayette, Lawrence, Mercer, Clearfield / Jefferson, Butler, Washington, Greene, Centre, Venango, Allegheny, Bedford/Somerset, Elk/Cameron, Armstrong/Indiana and Clarion.

Nondiscrimination in Services:

Admissions, the provision of services and referrals of participants shall be made without regard to race, color, religious creed, disability, ancestry, national origin (including limited English proficiency), age or sex.