The Fayette Difference

Superior Staffing

The Fayette Resources team has a “can do” attitude. Known across Pennsylvania as a provider that works to give everyone an opportunity to live in their community, our person-centered approach is the foundation of our success. From our ambitious training methods and programming, to our creative living situations, work opportunities, and even techniques for family support, the only acceptable path at Fayette Resources is the one that leads to success.

At Fayette Resources our team demonstrates a limitless commitment to our mission. Fayette Resources’ training methods are widely recognized for minimizing staff turnover and elevating professional commitment. We are proud to have many employees who have been with us for ten, fifteen, and, some, over twenty years. Experts agree that longstanding support relationships are what promote stability, security, and continuity of care, and all of these factors are necessary to enhance personal growth for the individuals we support. Fayette Resources’ success in stabilizing the emotional, psychological and physical environment reflects a very deliberate, ongoing management strategy.

Jeff & Denise

We have read that Fayette Resources believes in the “unique worth of every person.” As the parents of a son who has attended Fayette Resources Activity Center for over 9 years, we have come to believe that the dedicated employees, indeed, put those words into practice each and every day. As parents, we are so grateful to the entire organization.

Fayette Can-Do Philosophy Insures Success

Effective training and staff retention means staying on our toes, and never relying on methods simply because they worked in the past. If it is new, we are thinking about it. If it is current and innovative, we are analyzing how to adopt it and make it work even better for us.

A prime example of our continuous pursuit of successful and innovative service delivery is our accreditation throught the National Association of Dual Diagnosis (NADD). In February of 2015, Fayette Resources successfully completed a program accreditation through NADD for our Residential and Behavior Consultation Services. The agency was awarded a three year accreditation, the highest level of best practices. NADD is a not-for-profit membership association established for professionals, care providers, and families to promote understanding of services for individuals who have intellectual disabilities and mental health needs. The NADD accreditation has been yet another improvement and proactive effort by our team to offer the highest level of services to our participants.

People say that we do whatever it takes to enrich the lives of the individuals we support. That may sound simplistic and overly ambitious, but our track record speaks for itself: Fayette Resources’ professional determination is undeniable.