Support Services

Fayette Resources’ Life Sharing Program is an alternative way to provide community living for people with intellectual disabilities and mental health diagnosis. The consumers live in a host family’s home and are included as part of the family’s everyday life. This arrangement, for the consumer, provides consistency for long term relationships as well as enjoying the benefits of being included as a member of a family.


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Behavioral Support Team

Our Behavioral Support Team works with individuals, families and school/agency staff to help them make the most of Fayette Resources’ programs and services. Individuals are eligible for services through the Behavioral Support Team if they are currently involved in county-sponsored programs. Referrals for Program Assistance are made through the County.

Behavioral Support Team services are designed to accomplish the following goals:

• Formulate specific behavior plans and intervention strategies for individual
• Design comprehensive program plans (IEPs, ISPs) incorporating challenging goals to enhance skill
   development, independence and participation in the community
• Provide parent training designed to contribute directly to improved individual’s skills,
   behavior, and independence
• Train agency staff to enhance the development and implementation of effective programming for
   individuals and their families
• Apply current technology and resources to help individuals improve their own lifestyles

Nursing Services

Fayette Resources is fortunate to have a Nursing Department where Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses serve as Medical Service Coordinators. The nursing department participates actively in transition activities with individuals who are moving into the community to live independently, in Community Homes, or in a Life Sharing situation.

Medical Services Coordinators assist the agency in providing the most comprehensive medical care possible through planning, implementation, evaluation and coordination of medical services for each individual.

Some of our Medical Services Coordinators duties include:

• Follow-up on physicians’ orders
• Providing health care assessment
• Following emergency procedures
• Assisting staff training
• Acting as a liaison with physician and other health care providers

Each individual will work with a team of medical professionals selected by him or her, the family and/or Fayette Resources team to suit each individual’s needs. The individual will receive an annual physical, as well as dental, vision, hearing, and other appropriate screenings, and will be scheduled for routine appointments. All other medical issues will be managed through the efforts of a Medical Serviced Coordinator and will have 24-hour emergency medical access via the Nursing Department. In the event of a medical emergency, the appropriate on call staff will be notified as well as the medical professional. If necessary, an individual would be transported to the designated facility in an emergency vehicle if/when necessary with the Life Sharing Provider following with all pertinent medical/psychiatric information. Following contact with a medical facility, the appropriate agency contact would be passed on to the hospital staff. As with medical emergencies, Fayette Resources notifies the family and appropriate team members of these emergencies.

Behavioral Consultation

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