Life Sharing

Fayette Resources’ Life Sharing Program 
is an alternative way to provide community living for people with intellectual 
disabilities and mental health diagnosis. 
The consumers live in a host family’s home and are included as part of the family’s everyday life. This arrangement, for 
the consumer, provides consistency for 
long term relationships as well as 
enjoying the benefits of being included 
as a member of a family.

Family Living through Life Sharing

Since its inception, the Life Sharing Program has offered long-lasting and meaningful commitments to the consumers and their guardians and/or legal representatives who choose to participate in the program. By sharing everyday events such as family dinners and milestones such as cultural events, holiday celebrations, new and additional family members (births and adoptions), and graduations of family members, both the participating consumer and his or her Life Sharing family develop long-lasting relationships which improve all consumer’s quality of life.

Fayette Resources seeks families…

…in our local communities to provide the Life Sharing experience to our consumers.  Families can be comprised of a variety of constellations i.e., a single person or married couple, having or not having children in the home. Fayette Resources welcomes inquiries from anyone who is willing to share his or her life and home with a person who has intellectual disabilities and/or a mental health diagnosis. Subsidized by the county and state, that help support the program, which in turn, gives families an opportunity to work within their own home and to be compensated accordingly. Fayette Resources provides the support and guidance to each Life Sharing Provider in meeting the needs of the consumer living in their home and plays an essential role as a member of the consumer’s treatment team.

 Consumers have the opportunity to develop a daily schedule of attending a day program which enhances their growth and skill development. Comprehensive training is provided to each family prior to a consumer being placed into their home.   This training, as well as ongoing annual training, enables the family to become familiar with Fayette Resources’ policies and procedures, family dynamics, and sustained emphasis on everyday living skills.

 Fayette Resources’ Life Sharing program creates an ideal environment for the individual to make a smooth transition into the community.