The RESPOND program has a long lasting impact on the program’s participants as they work toward living more independently.

Youth are supported by teams of professionals

“Whatever it takes.” Those three words capture the attitude of the RESPOND (Residential Enhancement Services Planning Opportunities for New Directions) program at Fayette Resources. RESPOND is a selective residential treatment program designed to help youth with complex needs. The outcome of this program is to help the youth attain a long-term quality of life with minimal supervision and/or support.

Our program achieves this by giving youth the best combined support that we have to offer. Each RESPOND participant receives a Mobile Treatment Team (MTT). This team consists of a child clinical psychologist, child and adolescent psychiatrist, psychiatric nurses, behavior analysts, a social worker and community-based clinicians. In addition to the MTT, Direct Support Professionals (DSP) provide 24/7 support for the youth in their home and the community. Program Specialists and Program Managers are also members of the RESPOND team.

Fayette Resources is one of the few to offer program

Due to the extensive support offered by the program, RESPOND has to be selective. Fayette Resources is one of only two residential providers in Pennsylvania to participate in the RESPOND program. Each RESPOND residential home supports two residents, giving the youth the focused support and attention needed to progress. Fayette Resources currently has two RESPOND residential homes, supporting a total of four youth.

Potential participants for the RESPOND program may be referred through the Department of Human Services Offices of Intellectual Disability; Children, Youth and Families. The Allegheny County Multi-System Rapid Response Team (RRT) then identifies youth with complex needs that have not been sufficiently met by traditional resources to participate in the program.

RESPOND has a lasting impact

After a youth has achieved many of their program goals and progressed toward living with less focused support, they are considered “ready for discharge.” The discharge process from a RESPOND residence to either a family environment or residential group home is gradual. It begins with visits to their new home, enabling the individual to adjust to their new living situation. The youth’s residential Direct Support Professionals accompany them and provide training to their new DSPs and/or family members regarding effective techniques to address behavioral concerns. During discharge, the MTT works with the new treatment team until the individual becomes comfortable with their new team and surroundings.

The RESPOND program has a long lasting impact on the program’s participants as they work toward living more independently. Since the creation of RESPOND in 2003, over 40 young people have benefited from the program. Fayette Resources is proud to participate in the program and offer our services to youth.