MH Support Services

MH Support Services

Improving personal independence and achieving optimal mental health are the primary goals of our Community Residential Rehabilitation and Specialized Supportive Housing programs. Consumers with mental illness are given the opportunity to live in the community while receiving comprehensive mental health services.

Focused and individualized treatment plans

Are designed to meet the needs of consumers based on the guiding principles of Community Supports Programs. Along with these guiding principles is the strong belief that most all adults with chronic mental illness, even at the lowest functioning level, can live successfully in integrated community settings when adequate supports are provided.

Fayette Resources believes that creating successful living environments for consumers is best facilitated through the transition of consumers into the community as a collaborative effort between all agencies serving the consumer and creating an intensive community support network.  All of the agency’s residential sites are operated according to the principles of least restrictive alternatives and with respect to the individuality,
rights and dignity of every consumer who receives this service.

Accordingly, homelike facilities are utilized and each consumer actively participates in the development of a plan of service with the goal of reaching one’s personal optimal level of functioning in the community.  While the major responsibility for success rests with each individual consumer, Fayette Resources will provide the support and the environment necessary where the expectation of individual achievement, personal growth and personal responsibility are enhanced.

Fayette Resources had made an agency-wide commitment to the principles of self-determination (i.e. freedom, authority, support and responsibility).  Individuals must be provided with choices and every opportunity should be given to promote their ability to make choices and access varied life experiences.  Fayette Resources has demonstrated the commitment to self-determination by its beliefs and practices.