Community Participation Support / Adult Training

Community Participation Support / Adult Training

Fayette Resources supports individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities as they pursue opportunities to build relationships, skills and interests in their own communities. Community Participation Supports facilitate and encourage community inclusion.

Community Participation Support Facilities Integrate Individuals Into Their Communities

Community Participations Support (CPS) facilities, formerly known as Adult Training Facilities, place an emphasis on integration into the community and enabling individuals to lead everyday lives. At Fayette Resources, being a part of one’s community and participating in activities that one enjoys is part of living an “everyday life.”

What is Community Participation Support?

CPS provides opportunities and support for participants to be active members of the community. These supports allow individuals to participate in a wide range of integrated activities that interest them. Participating in such activities build on the individual’s interests, preferences and strengths while reflecting their desired outcomes related to community involvement and independence.

At the CPS facilities, program specialists focus on ten life domains, using a comprehensive assessment to determine the skill levels of each participant. In addition to this assessment, the strengths, interests and needs of the individuals are evaluated through exploratory opportunities in the community and discussions with the individual, their family and their support team. CPS staff use these assessments to develop goals that will help the individual thrive at home, at work and in the community.

In addition to developing goals, these assessments along with relationship and community mapping are also used to identify where and with whom an individual may want to explore or strengthen an interest, activity and/or relationship in the community. Participants have the opportunity to do so through a variety of activities such as volunteering, joining clubs or organizations in their community, self advocacy, learning to navigate their community and more.

Creating Community Connections

The community connections that have been and continue to be made are the staple of CPS. Each of our five CPS facilities work closely with their local communities to identify opportunities and activities for program participants to be involved in.

Individuals at Fayette Resources’ CPS facilities engage in volunteer activities such as delivering Meals on Wheels and sorting goods at different Salvation Army locations, among others. Many individuals also participate in frequently scheduled community outings to local parks, libraries, businesses and more that match their skills and interests.