I am writing to offer my impressions concerning the Fayette Resources Adult Training Program in Punxsutawney. My name is Frank Hetrick. I am a retired Special Education Multi Disabilities teacher. I worked 35 years with Riverview IU 6 and with the DuBois Area School District. I became familiar with Fayette Resources when they had group homes that housed some of my students. They operated excellent programs, were involved in IEP conferences and were very cooperative. I visited the group homes and was impressed with the organization, cleanliness, record keeping and operation of the facilities.

I am a current committee member of DuBois/Jefferson County Special Olympics. I worked with Fayette Resources to get the adult clients involved with the Annual Track & Field event. They were cooperative and exited to get the clients involved and it has remained a positive experience for the clients and the staff to this day.

For the past 3 years, I have provided a live music experience for the adult clients once a month at the Punxsutawney AT location. The clients are always in a good mood, are very cooperative and participate while I play the violin. I am impressed with the physical set up of the AT. It is always decorated with the current holiday art work; the staff is pleasant and kind to the adult consumers. Any issues that occur are treated professionally with positive approaches. The consumers have varied intellectual, physical and emotional exceptionalities and the staff does a remarkable job with them.

The staff and administration at the Punxsy AT provides them with a wonderful program with a variety of simulated work activities. I strongly believe that the Punxsutawney AT is a great activity center for the special needs adults in the area. It is a valuable asset to the community and provides a viable program for the adult special needs population.

Frank Hetrick

friend of the Punxsutawney ATF and owner of Frank’s Star Lunch

I am so thankful for Fayette Resources Adult Day Program. My daughter Stacey attends 3 days a week. She loves going to see her friends and for the activities they have that she can participate in. We looked at several places before choosing Fayette Resources. The reason we chose Fayette Resources is because of the freedom of moving around the program and socializing with all of her friends. She loves staff. She is always excited to tell me about her day. I would recommend Fayette Resources if you are looking for some place for your loved one to go. Wilma Weimer

parent of Stacey

I like to hang out with my friends and go shopping and watch movies with them.  In the springtime I enjoy planting flowers.  Marilyn (DSP) helps me and is a nice person.  She helps me make crafts and teaches me.  My favorite thing about my program is my friends.

David J.

program participant at the Uniontown ATF

My coworkers are so supportive and respectful, patient and caring when helping the individuals make choices.

My supervisor keeps me updated and informed with all of my training that I need.  Supervisors’ doors are always open for questions or concerns that I might have.  I’d like to thank everyone for their support and encouragement.

Eileen Hadley

Direct Support Professional/Fayette Region/10 years

I would like to take this time to thank everyone at Fayette Resource ATF in Uniontown PA.  They have helped Peter become more independent with the jobs they give him. He feels important and has more self confidence.  He enjoys his days at the ATF and he loves making friends. Peter has attended the ATF for a few years now and he would miss it if he didn’t. The staff are very kind and caring and a pleasure to work with.

The Lowry Family

on behalf of Peter R.

Since moving into Life Sharing, David has become more independent, happy and his behavior is more controlled.  In addition to a stable and caring home, David is provided with frequent opportunities to socialize, shop, eat out, etc.  He attends the Punxsutawney AT daily where he is able to participate in social activities and is given the opportunity to “work,” providing him with a sense of accomplishment, value, and worth.  At home and at “work,” he is challenged within his ability to cope and succeed.

Debbie & Henry

Parents of David S.

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Fayette Resources multiple times a year and each and every time I have visited, it is more and more evident that this facility is a class act!  The employees take good care of all the program participants and give each and every one the attention they deserve.  I’m confident that the care of each participant is genuine and consistent.

It is always a pleasure of mine to visit this friendly, clean and well kept facility and I look forward to my continued visits.Eddie Tate

Eddie Tate

friend of the DuBois ATF and owner of Luigi’s Ristorante

Hi everyone,

I just would like to express my thoughts and feelings about one of our ID programs in Fayette County, Fayette Resources ATF. This program is a God send for our participants.  It gives them a structured place to increase their social skills as they interact with their peers and staff.  The program offers these individuals the opportunity to grow and achieve their best potential as they live their “Everyday Lives”.  Keep up the good work past and current Directors and staff.

Leonard Tucker

friend of the Uniontown ATF and CEO of BLT Behavioral Support, PC

We have read that Fayette Resources believes in the “unique worth of every person.”  As the parents of a son who has attended Fayette Resources Activity Center for 9 years, we have come to believe that the dedicated employees, indeed, put those words into practice each and every day.  Our son is treated with kindness, humor, friendliness, and above all dignity every minute.  Personnel greet him, help him with eating, walk with him, and guide his interaction with other clients.  He is offered activities, training, trips and friendship.  Whether his mood is joyful or grumpy, whether he is anxious to attend or wanting to stay home and be lazy, he is welcomed enthusiastically and encouraged to improve and exercise.  As parents, we are so grateful to the entire organization.  Thank you.

Denise and Jeffrey Martin

parents of Jesse