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Embracing Change & Positivity in 2015

While watching the news recently, there was a story about a celebrity hairdresser who went out in NYC to give haircuts to the homeless. His hashtag was #dosomethingawesomeforsomeone. I thought what a great concept and how this same type of thing goes on at Fayette Resources on a daily basis.

As DSPs, your support to the individuals in our program is amazing. I have often said that we could not fulfill our mission if we didn’t have the right people. Our administrative staff pay it forward by being there to support you. It must be a team effort though, working together to include the community in our work and efforts. Being a visible, contributing organization is important to a successful operation.

Last year was a highlight year for us. Lots of participation from the individuals, families, DSPs and other staff made our fundraising and community involvement more meaningful. Even if you don’t realize it, everyone manages to “pay it forward”, creating a domino effect. Looking through the newsletter will give you just a small sample of what you, as a part of Fayette Resources, have accomplished in making lives a little better.

We plan to continue with the “giving back” concept this year. There will be many opportunities to engage in giving. Not only will we have fundraisers for our Special Needs Fund, but we hope to help the local food bank, animal shelters, Relay for Life, local autism groups and other special projects. Please use this as an opportunity to do something awesome for someone. Waiting for Spring!


Kathryn Susan Morris

Season of Giving

This year the Fayette Resources’ Administrative Staff from both the Elizabeth and Uniontown Offices joined with the United Way in sponsoring children in need for Christmas.

We were very successful and were able to sponsor 10 different children. All of these children are in either foster care or group home settings and they ranged in age from one year old to 17 years old. We were provided with a wish list for each child, which we were able to fill in addition to many other items. Thanks to all that participated.

Fayette ATF Baking For A Cause

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, October 2014, our Individuals, staff, families, and friends joined together to honor, remember, and support loved ones and strangers alike who have battled or are currently fighting breast cancer. Together we planned a beautiful Pink Out, the building and most of the occupants were covered in pink décor and attire, and a bake sale at the Fayette ATF site.

Several individuals utilized skills that they’ve gained through program outcomes to cook, bake, shop, and prepare crafts in preparation for the event. With staff guidance and support, the group hosted a monumental event. In peer groups, individuals worked with staff and baked beautiful and yummy desserts to sell at the bake sale. Tree branches were gathered and painted pink to create a HOPE Tree, where pink ribbons were placed in honor of those with breast cancer and those who fought the breast cancer battle.

A “PINK” raffle basket with Breast Cancer Awareness items was raffled off as well. The baked goods were beautiful as well as delicious. We received an abundance of baked goods from individuals, families, staff, and providers we work with.

A special thank you to all those who contributed and helped to make the event the success it was. The ATF staff did an amazing job organizing this event. It turned out great, it was a success, and you should all be proud of your efforts. Community members, including appreciative cancer survivors, families, and agency employees all stopped to purchase the wonderful variety of baked goods we had to offer.

Together the group raised approximately $500 for the American Cancer Society.

Feeling at Home with FRI

Andrew “Maz” Mazurowski moved in to his home through Fayette Resources on March 31, 2014. He is a very active young man who has many interests. He likes demolition cars and wants to race again, as he has in the past.

DJ’d twice at FRl, once at the DSP picnic and at the Holiday party. A lot of individuals enjoyed his skill of DJ’ing and were out on the dance floor. He works with the FRI maintenance department inspecting houses and reporting to his supervisor what may need attention. “Maz”, like all of us, has had ups and downs, but overall has been a lot of fun to have at Fayette Resources. Maz recently expressed his happiness to have a nice home and staff that care, saying, “I am thankful for Fayette Resources giving me a wonderful home to live in. I am also thankful for an awesome supervisor and all of the office people. I am also thankful for my staff helping me. I’m also thankful for them letting me DJ. If anyone needs an awesome DJ give my supervisor a call.” We enjoy working with you too Maz and appreciate your services as the resident DJ.